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Having completed a two-stage study over 16 weeks on the impact of our T3 Ping Pong table with those living with living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, we have seen our tables have the most extraordinary impact on their lives.

From what started as a table that was designed for more inclusivity and fun, it has shown to have an even more important role amongst the elderly and those with physical disabilities.

Ping Pong is truly the brain sport!


WB HOUSEPassionate about ping pong, table tennis tables and design, here at T3 we turned the tables around.

Starting out from our base in London, we turned three-a-side ping pong into a reality! The ‘game’ of triples itself was invented back in ’79 by Professor Gunter Arndt, However the official three-a-side ping pong table was then created in 2012 under the direction of T3’s technical director who has been involved in table tennis table design for over a decade. All T3 tables were registered along with the original game patent.


From the beginning, our mantra was “Two’s company, three’s a team”. Team spirit was in our DNA. We were passionate about encouraging as many people as possible, young and old, to get active, to pick up a bat, and play together as a team. The game was simple. But more than that, it was creative. Players of all abilities teamed up alongside one another, enjoying the individual challenges as well as the strategy only a team sport can offer. And for the table tennis pros, T3 took their game into a whole new dimension!

The table was unveiled at the London Olympic games legacy event – ‘Give it a Go’, at Parliament Fields on the 8th September 2013. It was an instant hit, voted ‘the most popular sport of the day’ by thousands of visitors.

It then went on to be tested by the pros at the World Championship of Ping Pong (WCPP) and the BBC. And guess what… they loved it!

If wasn’t just about 3x the fun, our three-a-side tables could accommodate 12 players at a time (six-a-side) for a game of Chaos Theory using two balls!


T3 was fast becoming the new kid on the ping pong block. It was faster and fiercer and offered players a wider range of shot directions and lengths than the conventional game, making room for some pretty spectacular rallies…

HISTORY: from a game to a sport…

In 1979 Professor Guenter Arndt, driven by lasting childhood memories of having to wait his turn at the side of the ping pong table, came up with the idea of ‘Triples Table Tennis’. And in 2009, he went on to document and publish ‘Triples Table Tennis’ the game rules, allowing the game to become a sport set in history. That may well have been where the story ended for now, were it not for T3… Guenter had a dream that 3-a-side table tennis would one day feature in the Olympic Games and here at T3, with the help of our international table tennis coaches we’re were going to do everything we could to put triples table tennis officially on the sporting map.