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Induction & Coaching Courses

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Welcome to the ‘T3 Academy’

The’ T3 Academy’ is a non-profit organisation, set up to help special needs adults, children and teenagers, senior citizens and para players enjoy social and physical activity through participating in T3 ping pong. All the funds that we raise go directly towards running FREE or subsidised sessions, classes and events, primarily in the London and Greater London area. However the organisation does support and facilitate some events outside London.

Our first club is being set up at the Fusion Table Tennis Club in South East London.

Our next location will be coming soon to the North London area providing heavily subsidised pay and play sessions for the whole community including SEN children, seniors and those less able.

Click here  more information on how to donate, and see what your money provides.
Email us on: 

All income generated through providing the services detailed below, also go directly to funding the T3 Academy’s work.

Whether it’s a quick intro session you need or a series of onsite coaching sessions, setting up a social or corporate party/event or T3 club we’re here to help you get the most out of your T3 table!


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T3 Official UK Coach: Hewley Griffith

Hewley is T3’s official coach, international table tennis player, and the academy’s head coach. He is not only qualified at international level, but is also a recognised International Para Coach certified in Safeguarding and Child Protection, Sports First Aid and Coaching Ethics. Add that to his 20 year plus table tennis experience, and his T3 involvement since it’s conception in the UK, you can’t go wrong in Hewley’s hands. Oh and did we mention his wonderful enthusiasm and warm charismatic personality – We know you’ll have an amazing T3 session.


Para Ping pong, playing in wheelchair

Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Walk in price: £5
Pre-Book: £3
With our specialist training and experience in coaching disabled table tennis players to, we are very keen to hear from clubs, schools and societies who would like to set up their own ‘T3 PPP Club’ . We believe T3 Ping Pong would be an incredibly suitable addition to the Para Olympic Games, if you agree, get in touch now and let’s make it happen!
We’re looking for the next T3 para ping pong team so if you’re between the age of 10 and 16 and a dab hand at ping pong as well as being a good team player, then we want to hear from you! Contact us at for details of a free trial session.

For more information and costs of T3 Para Ping Pong Packages (including;  T3 tables & equipment, T3 Para Ping Pong Sessions, T3 specialist coaching at all levels including recreational play and staff coaching) please click here.


Primary school kids playing 3 a side ping pongTime: TBC
Location: TBC
Walk in price: £5
Pre-Book: £3

Everyone knows teaching children can be very challenging, let alone teaching a group of very excited 4-8 year olds who just want to play! With our special T3 SuperMini table that won’t be a problem. It’s unique shape helps the Children gather round and join in. It is one of the few table tennis tables that has not been simply scaled down for ease of manufacturing, but has been carefully calibrated to match the needs of a smaller player, even down to our T3 SuperMini bats that fit comfortably into younger children’s hands.

We have the teaching solution that  gets them off on the right track. Our games and exercises have been created by our head coach especially for T3 and larger numbers of children. They keep children engaged and as such, they rapidly experience the joy of ‘eye to ball connectivity’ and ‘team sport’. If you are part of a school or community group we would recommend splitting the children by age group and hosting your T3 session over 3-4 hours or a day per week. In this way you will find it easier to service greater number of children. There is also a great benefit in having an experienced enthusiastic coach regularly on site as part of your team, children tend to progress much faster through a 6 week program or T3 lesson plans.

For more information on;

4-8yrs  coaching Please click here.

8-11yrs  coaching Please click here.

11+yrs coaching Please click here.

For a copy of the T3 Lesson plans please click here


T3 FREE SEN Sessions in schools

If you would like to have a free T3 SEN session at your school please send in an application in writing to telling us a bit about the school, the participants, their table tennis experience to date (if any), and a bit about yourself and why you think T3 will benefit your students.

Sessions will be held at the school, or the T3 Academy, where a T3 table and all of the equipment will be brought to you along with a specialist coach. The sessions run from 45 minutes to an hour with each visit usually being 2-4 hours depending on the number of participants.


Seniors playing t3 ping pong

Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Walk in price: £5
Pre-Book: £3

(Call us on 020 3637 6282 or email us at to book in advance)

What’s the phrase, ’70 is the new 50, 80 is the new 60!’ And it’s true, for most of us given the choice, our approach to life and activity is to keep it going for as long as we can. !

In recent years there have been many studies done to demonstrate the benefits of certain types of physical and mental activity on improving and sustaining good mental health among the elderly. Table tennis is one of them and better still it has been linked directly to slowing down and even reversing the onset of dementia!
T3 is like Table tennis only Better! It’s a team game, it evokes conversation and communication, it’s not just for the highly competitive.

Benefits of T3 for Senior players above traditional table tennis:

  • More players round the table at one time, standing or seated! (Our T3one70 table is highly recommend for ‘seated’ play)
  • Extremely sociable, funny and addictive! We all enjoy the rush of our own endorphins.
  • Provides good brain exercise with no conscious effort needed.
  • Provides physical exercise at varying levels, from those who just want a gentle warm up to others that need a mini work out.
  • It is one of the few sports that exists, that allows players with truly different playing abilities to play together as a TEAM. Why? Because the unique shape of the circular table and net, keeps the ball contained and in play for longer.
  • Better players do not have to reach far to support a weaker player, and there’s a lot less need for ‘picking the ball up off the floor!’.

*Times prices and location may change due to circumstances out of our control. Please email to register your interest, with your name and contact details, and we will be in touch with you. Please also let us know whether you will be attending for a seated/ wheelchair friendly session.