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T3 Ping Pong

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T3 SuperLite Bat


• Colour: Black with coloured edging (purple, red or black) • Material:  Pimple out rubber and smooth board  • Wooden handle • Unique T3 design

Size: Width: 13 cm • Handle: 11.5 cm • Length of bat: 26 cm

Product code: T3/SLB

Price: (Set of 6): £43.99 + delivery & VAT

(Additional set of 3): £22.49 + delivery & VAT

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Researched and designed in the UK , the T3 SuperLite is truly unique. Created especially for those who are looking for a featherweight bat with a smooth non-restrictive handle suitable for any grip. The T3 SuperLite is ideal for players working on technique  • Para-players • Those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, rheumatism and other physical disabilities • Elderly • Therapy sessions • Allows easy focus as bat and table create maximum contrast with ball. Also great for learners to the game • Children and parties!

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