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T3 Foundation SuperLite Bat


The only bat of its kind specially designed for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia  in mind • Weight; 97g • Colour: Black with coloured edging (purple, red or black) • Material:  Pimple out rubber and smooth board  • Wooden handle • Unique T3 Foundation© design

Size: Width: 13 cm • Handle: 11.5 cm • Length of bat: 26 cm

Product code: T3/SLB

Price: (Set of 6): £43.99 + delivery & VAT
(Additional set of 3): £22.49 + delivery & VAT
(Single Bat): £8.50 + delivery & VAT

Call 02036376282 to order or click here


Researched and designed in the UK by T3 Foundation, the SuperLite bat is truly unique. Created especially for those who are looking for a featherweight bat with a smooth non-restrictive handle suitable for any grip. The SuperLite bat is ideal for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, rheumatism and other physical disabilities • Para-players • Elderly • Therapy sessions • Allows easy focus as bat and table create maximum contrast with ball. Also great for beginners to the game • Children and parties!

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