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T3 Ping Pong

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Play T3 in London Today


handdrawn-map 525Experience a game of 3-a-side ping pong for yourself on the T3 All Weather concrete table located at Hampstead Heath, London.

You can find the T3 table by entering the Heath via Highgate Road near the Tennis courts. Make a short walk up towards the tennis court booking hut and play for free today! Bats and balls require a £10 returnable deposit.


Recommended playing space for T3

The T3 Tournament measures 2.6m in diameter. Typical ping pong tables suggest giving 5feet of space behind each side of the table to allow movement from the players. As our tables are round we have to add this length to the radius of our table meaning you will need roughly 4 meters in diameter in playing space for a full game of T3 Ping Pong.


With the T3ONE70 being a smaller table measuring only 1.7m in diameter a smaller space will be needed to make the shots. Adding a meter to the diameter gives you a required playing space of  2.7m.These measurements are all based on recreational ping pong and not the spacing required by professional Table Tennis players!





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Follow-the-BALL-FBKWe would love to have you!

Contact: T3 to book your free trial today.